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AfiliaGo Commitment

AfiliaGo Commitment: Self-Control and Support

At AfiliaGo we understand the world of Gambling in general and betting in particular as a way to have fun. Therefore, we believe it is good to provide some advice on the self-control and limitations that one should set oneself when engaging in online gambling and gaming activities.

On the basis that the world of gambling and chance is strictly forbidden for minors, we are going to give you some advice:

1.- Treat sports betting and gambling as a hobby, not as a source of income or a substitute for a conventional job.

2.- Set a starting Bank and play it safe. The Bank is the amount you estimate you can afford to play with and you should not make new deposits if you are committing other essential items in your personal budget. Remember that this is a game, so you should not contribute more money to the game than you “spare” for this particular leisure activity.

We recommend that you set your Bank with a simple portion of your leisure budget in mind. We do not recommend that you forego other leisure activities such as travel, spending time with friends and family because you have spent time gambling.

3.- Control your betting. Bet with low stakes that don’t compromise your Bank and you can take advantage of it to play more for less, as it is all about fun. If you bet with low stakes, your Bank will last longer and therefore you will have more fun for longer.

4.- If you are spending too much money on gambling you should stop immediately.

5.- If you notice that you are suffering from anxiety, compulsive gambling or feel the slightest sense of addiction to gambling, you should stop immediately.

6.- Use your own money to gamble, never that of family, friends, moneylenders, etc.

7.- The right attitude to gambling is one of moderation and responsibility. Avoid any compulsive behaviour and if you are unable to do so, seek help from any of the links provided below.

In case you feel you need help to get rid of gambling, you can visit the following websites, where you will find useful information:

In case you want to set drivers on your computer to prevent your children or other minors from accessing online gaming sites, we recommend the following ones

For further information, you can email us at legal@afiliago.comor you can contact the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling directly on +34 915714080.

Play responsibly.

AfiliaGo Team.